Korres Wild Rose Brightening Mask

If you are a regular reader here (I hope you are), you should know by now that I love face masks. In fact, I have tried a remarkable amount of face masks until now. I love how they nourish the skin, clean it in the case of clay masks and I love how my skin feels after I use a face mask.

New clothes from Rosegal*

I love fashion and I love clothes, I mean, I was interested in fashion by the time I was 6 years old and had my own opinion on what to wear and how to style my outfits (poor mum!) and I must admit that I have so many (plenty of them still with tags and unworn, oops) and my closet is so full, I need to do something asap!

Sostar Silk & Olive Anti-ageing cream

There are so many great greek brands out there and  have been using plenty of them (Korres, Apivita etc) but Sostar is a new brand for me. I was looking to purchase a good moisturising cream to use regularly but especially on days when I feel my skin drier than usual so I decided to give this brand a try. 

Five nude lipsticks to wear now

I haven't worn a nude lipstick in a long time now. In spring and summer I get so excited to wear my pink shades and I do this until the end of August. But now, it's time to re-discover some nude shades I have been keeping at the back of my dresser and give them some love!

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Have you ever tried a product that is so good, you want to use it all the time? And I am talking about the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that I ordered from i-herb a while back and received a couple of weeks ago. 

Mascaras - What I have been using

Hello girls! Today I have a post about the four mascaras I am currently using and testing, and I must admit I found some affordable and really good mascaras.  

I am always on the hunt to find the perfect mascara, but I haven't tried any high-end ones so I cannot give a complete opinion on what is the perfect mascara cause I haven't tried any expensive ones that are said to be really really good. But I have been testing these four and I will give you an honest review on how they performed on me.

Beauty Test Box*

It is still summer here so I am allowed to receive a summer beauty box full of lovely goodies, right? I was contacted by the lovely team of Beauty Test Box in Greece and I couldn't be happier cause I wanted to try this box for ages, but they did not ship to Cyprus.

Fall wishlist

Fall is here and I couldn't be happier about it.  As much as I love summer, this year it was too much. I cannot handle the heat anymore, the weather is giving me a bad mood and imagine spending all day at home where there is an air-condition. So yes, this year, summer was too much for me.

BeAdora Cosmetics*

As a skincare junkie, I am always on the hunt for new products and new brands I haven't tried before. I also get excited when I read posts of my fellow beauty bloggers (my favourite ever is Shireen, who writes the best reviews on new skincare brands, hello Shireen!) that introduce new and amazing products, and to tell you the truth, I always envied and wanted to try myself something new that I haven't tried before, a brand other than L'oreal or Garnier etc.

What I have been using in August

September is here, and I am so glad! I am looking forward to changing my beauty routine (again), start wearing bold lipsticks and my beloved jeans that have been at the back of my closet since May. Today I have a roundup of the products that I have been using in August.

Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions‏*


 A few years back, I made the brave decision to cut my hair. In fact, I was very excited to do so and brave enough to cut it just below my chin.  But weeks later, I had enough and wanted my hair back. I cried, I felt miserable, I cried some more and I decided to buy some hair extensions. And I was very happy. I used them frequently, I styled my hair just like I did when my hair was longer and I waited patiently for it to grow back.

Wet 'n' Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

I always love a good bargain and I am the kind of girl that prefers to have options. I prefer to have many and affordable items instead of having one and expensive.  I get easily bored and because my budget is not great, I usually buy products from more affordable brands.

Living with a german shepherd

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I am a proud mum of the cutest german shepherd that exists! We are so lucky to live with this amazing dog. We were looking to adopt a dog two years ago when I friend told us that this dog was three months old, all his siblings were adopted but this one was left alone.