Accessories to take with you on vacation

Who is excited that it is finally summer? This year, we made a late start but summer is finally here and I couldn't be more excited because I love summer! And of course, who doesn't love summer vacations? 

Besides your swimsuit, your towel and your favourite book to read at the beach, there are some additional accessories to take with you while on vacation and I made a list of my favourite accessories below.

KORRES Black Pine Firming, Lifting & Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Eye cream is a product that I usually neglect and don't use consistently.  And that is because I don't actually deal with a problem regarding wrinkles, dark circles or dryness around eye area.  In the morning I never use an eye cream, I don't have time for that, but I try my best to use one at night. Some nights I succeed, some I don't. 

Do it yourself - the most beautiful sandals for the beach - DIY

Summer means less clothes, less layering and comfortable outfits for every day. It also means flip flops and I must admit that I live in flip flops from May to October. They are comfortable enough to wear all day, at home, at the beach and I even wore a pair once at the office (oops!!) but fortunately, only a few people noticed haha!

NYX Round Lipstick - Thalia

I have been adding more nude and earth toned shades in my collection recently and it is so strange for me, cause I love my pinks. I wouldn't think of wearing a nude lipstick a couple of years back, the thought of a nude lip made me so scared. But with the correct makeup, any nude looks good.  Especially with a lovely smokey eye. 

DIY wall decor using washi tape

Hello girls! Today I will share with you an easy diy I did a few months ago.  When you rent a house, you are not always allowed to do whatever you want, and eventhough our landlord told us we are free to do whatever we want in the garden and back yard, the walls were not part of the deal! I wanted to re-paint the whole house to a brighter colour.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box - June 2016

I am so excited for this post today, cause I received my first beauty subscription box.  Do you believe it? How behind am I on this haha? Well, I live in a small island where sharks are all over the sea and no ships are brave enough to come any closer! Just kidding! But half of this is true, we are so behind in beauty releases and we usually get new products six months or even a year after a product has launched! Great isn't it? (insert angry emoji).

Latest purchases from ebay

So let's talk cheap and affordable products. Let's talk about really affordable products today that I have been obsessed about since the day I received them.  Ebay has been in my life for many years, buyer and seller.  I like good bargains when my budget is low and discovering beautiful clothes and accessories that I cannot find in the shops.

Birthday post and lessons I learned so far

Hello ladies! Today is my birthday! Yes, another year has gone (isn't it yesterday that it was Christmas day?)....
Every year I get less excited on my birthday and the only person that wants to celebrate this day is my mom. I am getting old and honestly, I wish I had the energy I had when I was 25 haha! Today I would like to share with you few valuable lessons I learned throughout the 35 years of my life.

A photography post from my vacation - Crete 2016

Summer vacation for me means greek islands. Every summer since I finished school, I schedule to visit a greek island and honestly, I couldn't travel to anywhere else but Greece for summer vacation. Greek islands are a very popular summer destination and although I am from Cyprus and I live almost next to the beach, I always get excited to discover new places and lovely beaches I've never seen before. 

Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Leave-In Conditioner

Summer is the season where I take care of my hair more than any other season. I love summer and hot sunny days, but the heat and the sun can be so damaging to our face and hair. Also, spending time at the beach and/or maybe at the pool can be catastrophic, that is why I use so many hair products. 

I love using leave-in conditioner sprays; they leave my hair soft and don't weigh them down and give something extra  in relation to moisture.  My hair is thick and very frizzy and during summer, I struggle so much to detangle my hair due to the fact that almost every day, I have my hair in a bun. You cannot beat the heat with freshly blow-dried hair, I just can't. So a bun it is.

I use this product on dry, second-day hair, to detangle it before styling and to give hair this amazing scent. Omg, the scent of this product is unbelievable. Something fresh and fruity comes out of the bottle as soon as this spray is out. This leave-in conditioner is lightweight, does not make my hair greasier than it already is, and sometimes I love to spray it on my roots after blow-dry, to leave it smelling so yummy. I tell you, if you haven't tried an Aussie product, you are missing out on the scent.

I look forward to trying and testing more Aussie products. I am very pleased with this one and I am so glad that I discovered it. 

Have you tried any products from Aussie?