I purchased too much stuff - Beauty Haul ♥8

You know the feeling when you are on a spending ban, because you are going on a trip in a week and you want to save your money, but then you enter a beauty store and you cannot control yourself... Yes, you know what I mean...! 
Well, let's see what beauty products I got. 

Mistakes in hair care

We all want healthy and shiny hair, but are we doing all things needed in order to have healthy and shiny hair? In the past years, the only hair routine I was following was: wash, condition, comb and blow dry.  

Liebster Award‏

Hello girls! Last week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Destiny from Miss Beauty Glam (go and check her blog, it's amazing)!

So, what is the Liebster Award?
It’s an award given to new bloggers with small followings

Morning Skin Care Routine ♥Spring

My skincare routine changes from season to season.  Although I have combination to oily skin, I sometimes feel it very dry, especially in the winter, so I like to use a rich cream to give extra moisture to my face.  

5 Pink Lipsticks

I am so excited for spring! It is my second favourite time of the year (summer is my favourite). I love the warm weather, I love flip flops and ice cream, and of course, I adore pink lipstick. Who doesn't?

Pamper yourself at home!

Who doesn't love to have some 'me' time, relax and de-stress after a difficult day or week? Relaxing at home is essential and we must always find ways to rest and re-charge our batteries.  

Favourite lipstick at the moment

Essence is one of my favourite affordable brands and each season that Essence launches new products, I am excited to try them.  I am always amazed in how good they are, in relation to their price.  

Tips for tired looking eyes

Lack of sleep, stress, many hours in front of the computer, smoking, dehydration and many more are  causing puffy and tired looking eyes. Here are few tips on how to get rid of them:

Fragrances for Spring 2016

Marc Jacobs Cotton Splash
Inspired by the original Marc Jacobs Splash collections, Cotton is one of four favorites

Skin types & their needs

Taking care of our skin is very important and choosing the right products is essential to look and feel good.  But before we choose the products and the ingredients that are best for us, we must first identify our skin type.

White & Pink Inspiration

Pink is my favourite colour and together with white, they make the perfect combination for an outfit.  Now that the weather is getting warmer,

Beauty hacks I actually use!

Hello, beautiful people! Today I will tell you all about the beauty hacks that I use. 

Products I want to try in 2016

There are so many new products in the market right now as all companies release new makeup and new skin care products.  

Why use a face mask

 Face masks are not a luxury for our skin but a necessity.  A face mask will give you all the nutritional supplements your face needs to overcome all the bad conditions we have to deal every day.  

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick - Plum Prospect

A new month, and a new addition to my lipsticks, and specifically, to my pink lipsticks! The Maybelline Color Whisper in Plum Prospect is a dark pink shade