15 beauty tips for face

I didn't always have great skin.  I suffered from acne in my twenties and my oily-combination face needs high maintenance in order to look the way it does.  

Wet N Wild Mega Slicks Lip Balm Stain

Eventhough some products are not new in the market, I like to try them and add them to my collection.  Wet n Wild is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands,

What daily habits are ageing our skin?

Sometimes, we do things daily that affect our health, body and skin and we don't even notice.  And sometimes, few of our everyday habits are ageing our skin and causing it to wrinkle faster than our age.

Spring Wishlist

Are you ready for Spring? I am sooo ready! I am so over the cold days and nights, the thick sweaters, the leggings and tights and the feeling that you have to dress up like an Eskimo to leave the house.

40 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty & Makeup

As I new blogger, I sometimes struggle to find new ideas to write for in my blog.  I read plenty of blogs daily but sometimes my mind goes blank and I am stuck.  
Here I have some blog post ideas to use when you feel you run out of topics.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Concealer

Concealer is probably the one beauty product that I run out of more easily than any other products.  I always use a concealer and even in days when I am not putting any make-up on, I definitely use a product to brighten my under eye area.  

Beauty Haul ♥7

Another haul! Yes, I cannot control myself! Every time that I go to the supermarket to purchase groceries, I find myself wandering the beauty aisle and I honestly spend more time there instead of any other department. What can I do? I am a beauty addict and I don't feel shame!

What lipstick are you wearing on Valentines Day?

Happy Valentine's Day ladies! How is your day so far? Mine is good, I look forward to our dinner tonight in which I will wear my favourite dress and a lovely pink lipstick! Here I have a few recommendations if you decide to wear pink lips for this special day instead of the traditional red!

WET N WILD Mega Glo Illuminating Powder - Catwalk Pink

Wet n Wild has become one of my favourite brands with some great products that can be compared to more expensive ones.  I chose this product to use more as a highlighter and less as a blush. It features four different shades/stripes that you blend together to create a ''coloured-highlighted'' effect or use each one on their own.  

LA GIRL Glazed Lip Paint - Blushing

Love at first sight! Yes, this is how I felt when I received this gorgeous lip gloss I ordered from LA GIRL Cosmetics and when I opened my new package from Beauty Joint (yes, I've done it again), this was the first item to grab and test on my lips!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - Ambre Rose

I am so ready for spring! This cold weather is nice, but too many cold nights and too many cold feet are not what I want at the moment! I am ready for sunny, hot weather, flowers blooming and of course, lighter shades on lipsticks!  

Valentine's Wishlist

Love is in the air! February is the month of love and because I am such a romantic person, I get all excited seeing all these red and pink hearts everywhere, chocolates and flowers, pink heart balloons outside the florist's shops and heart-shaped cards to wish your loved one a happy day.

Favourite Toner - Jason Natural C Effects Pure Natural Toner

I received this toner a while ago as a gift from a friend that ordered few things from i-herb.  She knows me very well to know that I am a sucker for products that have to do with cleaning and toning the skin,

Beauty Wishlist

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1 Waterproof 

A multi-purpose cleanser that removes waterproof makeup, cleanses the skin and leaves it refreshed and toned.  Every girl that uses makeup on a daily basis should use a micellar water to have a clean and pure skin.