Advent Christmas Calendar with Activities! - DIY Xmas Edition

Every Christmas I love to make handmade crafts and that includes a DIY especially for my god-daughter.  Last year I made her a handmade advent calendar with small gifts and candies, one for each day of December, but this year I decided to make an advent calendar with activities.  

From Greece with love!

The Ancient Greeks were lovers of beauty. They used natural treatments and ingredients to improve their appearance and slow the ageing process.  Also, good nutrition and athletics played a big part in their lives.  Cosmetics played a huge role in ancient Greece.  

Petit Marseillais Body Lotion

I am a bit of a body lotion hoarder and I am a proud owner of 15 body butters and body creams!  My top shelf is almost full, but this does not stop me for purchasing more!  On my defence, I consume a great amount of body creams during the year!  

Beauty Haul ♥3 - New Products!

Yesterday I made some new purchases and I will like to share them with you!  I finally got to purchase 2 of the new Essence lipsticks which I was waiting for so long to arrive!
So let's see what's new!

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

 Two weeks ago I purchased this Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier and I have been using it since then.  I am very happy with this product and I have added it to my daily routine instead of my Garnier BB Cream 

Make up expiration dates!

Have you ever thought that make-up has an expiration date? Did you just answer no?  Ok, I didn't know this either until I discovered an interesting article 2 years ago, that explained all about the expiration date of beauty products and make up and few tips on how to know when a product is good to use or not.

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Body Mist

Victoria's Secret scents have always been on my list, because they are so unique and sexy, and they smell different than any other perfume/mist I used before. The Sheer Love Mist has a very light, romantic, sweet floral scent.

Lip colours for winter - 5 Favourites

Fall and winter are my least favourite seasons, I hate feeling cold all the time and I hate wearing lots of layers in order to stay warm.  But when it comes to lipstick colours, yesss, fall and winter colours like plum, maroon and berry are my favourites, suit my skin complexion better than any bright pinks and corals of the summer.  

What I currently use to wash my face

When I was in my twenties, I rarely took the time to properly wash my face.  I even slept with make-up, especially after a night out, because I was so lazy to wash it off.  But now things have changed.  

Beauty Haul ♥2 - New Products

Today I have a beauty haul, a few purchases of beauty goodies from last week. If you want to see what’s new and exciting please keep reading!

Disappointing products ♥1

Few days ago, I was cleaning my make-up stash, and I found these Essence lipsticks that I purchased a long time ago. 
I am really really disappointed with these lipsticks and below I will explain why.

Fruttini Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub & Body Lotion

From the first time that I used this body cream and scrub, I was in love!  What attracted me to pick this product from the shelf was the beautiful and practical packaging but when I opened it to smell it, wow, it was the first time that I smelled something like it.  

Sixteen Nail Polish Fast Dry #521

Last week I made a small review on the Sixteen Nail Polish that I recently purchased from a local pharmacy in my town.  I was really impressed with the duration of the nail polish (it lasted 4 days without a top coat before chipping) so I went and bought another one yesterday!

Aloe Vera - Uses & Benefits

Two words: Aloe Vera!  
Nature's miracle to our body.  
This powerful plant is known for it's unique 
qualities and amazing healing properties.

Hair Care Products - Hits and Misses

Today I will share with you few hair products that I've been using lately, how I use them and whether I like them or not. 
So let's see the products!

Essence Wishlist - New Products

Essence launched new products few months ago, and I cannot wait until they arrive here!  I am always excited to try new products and I am so impatient to get my hands
 on their new lipsticks (lipstick lover here!!!).

Ingrid Cosmetics (Lipsticks)

I purchased these lipsticks a few months ago from Ingrid Cosmetics and I really enjoy using them.  

Good Things Face Masks

I ordered these two face masks from Boots, actually a friend of mine that lives in London was excited to purchase these two products for me.  I haven't tried them before and as I was browsing the Boots website I was attracted by their lovely packaging and the fact that there are no parabens, sodium sulphate, animal ingredients or mineral oils. 

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Colour Lipsticks

Lately, I have been purchasing a lot of make up from USA, as I love to test new products and new brands.  Here in Cyprus we don't have as many brands as I would wish to have, so I use ebay or amazon to buy new stuff.

Sixteen Nail Polish Fast Dry #547

I recently purchased this nail polish, it is the first time that I am introduced to this brand and I must say that I really like it.  I wanted a soft pale mauve colour and the colour of this nail polish is perfect.  

November Wishlist - What I want to buy!

Essence lipliners
I have been drooling all over the Essence lipliner collection and I read a lot of good reviews about them. The colours are gorgeous and I hope that they are longlasting as they claim to be.

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks - My collection and a review

I have been using these lipsticks for almost 2 years now, and I can say that I am very pleased with their performance. I own 5 of the longlasting formula ones and I hope I get some more.

Beauty Oils for face, body and hair

Lately I have been obsessed with beauty oils. I own four of them, each one for different usage. Oils have multiple benefits for the skin, full of vitamins and many with antibacterial properties, they boost hydration without leaving the skin greasy.

Beauty Haul ♥1 - New Products

Yesterday I made some purchases from a beauty bazaar, and the prices were discounted up to 70% off. Yeyyyy!! It was a big opportunity to purchase some products I've been eyeing for some time now, and also few products that I would like to repurchase. 

Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to start my own blog, my personal space to share what I love: beauty, make up, fashion and diy!  I have a passion for creating things, and also I love taking care of myself, my face and body and also I am a bit of a shopaholic :) Don't tell anyone!

I was thinking about creating my own space in order to share my ideas, diy projects and also reviews about products that I purchase, so here I am.  So stick around with me if you want to see what I am up to!!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon :)