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It's blush time

 With the temperature going up and the heat almost unbearable, I find myself using less products on my face day by day. I spent June with only sunscreen, lipstick and blush on and believe me, it's more than enough when it's 37-39 degrees Celsius out there (that is 98-102 Fahrenheit).

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Review

My love and addiction on face masks is well known here on my blog. I tried a million of face masks and that also includes sheet masks that made their appearance to the west world a few years back, but I am slowly getting to know and try these products.

4 things I am excited for this summer and things you can do

Hair gets lighter,
Skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer,
Drinks get cooler,
Music gets louder,
Nights get longer,
Life gets better.

Let's talk about serums

Hello my lovely ladies. I am back with a skincare post and today I talk about four serums I am currently using in my skincare routine. Serums are well known to the beauty world as powerful moisturizers that deliver active ingredients to the skin, that is why serums are used after cleansing and toning the skin.

My love for maxi dresses

Hello my lovely ladies! Today I have two looks I wear a lot these days and I am talking about maxi dresses. They are comfortable, stylish and in my case, maxi dresses are perfect to wear on days when you forgot to shave your legs the night before and you cannot go out wearing a mini dress (don't judge me!).