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Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick #30

24 Oct 2016

This is the season of new lipstick additions. This is the season where my vanity is going to explode and it is a fact that with all the lipsticks I already own, they would last me a lifetime, yet, I am still buying more. 

Today I have Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade #30. I hate when lipsticks don't have names and just numbers, I believe it would be easier to identify and remember the shades if they had a lovely name instead of just a plain number. The only number I always remember from the Rimmel Kate lipsticks is #107. I read probably hundreds of posts for this lipstick and it got stuck in my mind and I finally purchased it for myself.

The packaging is nice, it is a matte black tube with the Kate signature on the cap and I love that the actual product goes all the way down the tube and does not mess with the cap. It is also easy to open and close.  

However, in the case of owning more than two Kate lipsticks in the black tube, it is difficult to identify which lipstick is the one you are looking for, because all tubes look exactly the same, the only difference is the label at the bottom of it that indicates the number. But apart from that, the black tube is the same for all lipsticks and they could have added something to identify the shade and make it more recognizable. Not a major problem, but if you are in a hurry and you have 100+ lipsticks to choose from, this is a problem.

I ordered this shade online. I didn't had the chance to swatch it but I read many reviews and I decided that the shade was perfect. It is a gorgeous berry shade with hot pink undertones. 

The texture is creamy and applies really easy and glides beautifully on the lips. It is definitely not drying nor moisturizing, but comfortable and lightweignt and gives some gloss to the lips. 

The pigmentation is amazing but I love to build this up in order to make it appear darker on me. One swipe is enough to give you a pinkish berry shade, two or three will give you a deep plum colour.  On me, it lasts 3 hours before drinking or eating, and I must re-apply during the day. It disappears when I eat lunch but leaves a faint pink shade on the lips. Not the best, but I don't mind re-applying after 3 hours.

This shade reminds me so much of the Rimmel Kate #107, but this one is dark with red undertones whilst #30 is dark with hot pink undertones.

I purchased this lipstick for $6.49 which is pretty amazing for a lovely lipstick like this. But prices vary from store to store but I don't think they are expensive at all. 

What is your favourite Rimmel Kate lipstick?

Essence - 3 new products

22 Oct 2016

As you must already know by now, Essence is one of my favourite affordable brands. If you don't know Essence or you haven't tried their products, you must try them asap! You may think that Essence is an inexpensive brand and meh, not worth trying but trust me, this brand has some excellent products, like their lip liners and lipsticks. 

All About Roses Eyeshadow Palette: this one comes from their newest collection of eyeshadow palettes, alongside with the Bronzes, Greys and Nudes. I chose the Roses palette because I don't own a similar palette and I love to use pink/rose/mauve shades.

These shades are well pigmented and easy to blend and work with, however, there is some fallout but nothing major. With a good eye primer, these last all day and I was really impressed when I first tried this palette cause it lasted 7-8 hours. 

There are 8 shadows in this palette, 5 shimmer and 3 matte shades. I love to add a lovely shimmer to my eyes so this palette is perfect for me and I know I will use it a lot during the winter. And the best part? I got it for under €5!

The Essence lip liners are probably the best lip liners I have ever used. For real! Essence has stepped up their game and these lip liners are amazing! Great formula, great pigmentation, they stay on all day, beautiful shades, what else do you need?

Essence Red Blush lip liner: this is a dark red shade that would be the perfect pair to my dark red lipsticks. It is soft and easy to use, applies beautifully on the lips, and the shade is wearable even for every day. I will definitely rock this one at the office!

Essence Honey Berry lip liner: this is a pinkish purple shade and so pigmented, it could stand nicely on it's own without a lipstick on top. The shade is so beautiful, I am all about purple shades at the moment and this is gorgeous! This lip liner lasts about 3-4 hours and leaves a lovely pinkish stain afterwards. 

I really love these two lip liners and I will definitely add a few more shades to my collection, they are so affordable so one can have them all!

Have you tried these products from Essence? What are the newest additions to your makeup collection? Give me some ideas!

Wishlist - a collaboration with Banggood

20 Oct 2016

As the weather changes here (finally) and xmas is only a few weeks away, I thought why not make a wishlist of some products I would love to purchase for fall and winter for me and my man. 

And when Banggood* approached me and asked to write a wishlist of their lovely products, I was more than happy to do it since I love discovering new online shops.  I am not familiar with Banggood nor I have seen it on a blog post before, and I think this is a great opportunity to get to know this brand better.

This online shop retails not only clothes and accessories, but also electronics, home and garden products, jewellery, sports and outdoor products and so much more.

It was very difficult for me to choose upon all these products and make a wishlist, but my interest was on clothes and accessories, so this is my wishlist.  

A casual winter coat like this one would be perfect to wear on holidays paired with these cute flat boots and this lovely tote canvas bag. Also, my fiance will need a new jacket for winter and this one is perfect for him and comes in many colours to choose from.

Also, this striped top is perfect to wear with tights or leggings and how cute are these knee-length socks? So cute and adorable.  Finally, this travel makeup bag would be perfect for me, since I tend to take with me too many products while traveling. 

Hope you liked this little wishlist I made with Banggood, and I will see you soon with another post! 

Have a nice day!

*Sponsored post.

Beauty Treats Essential Face Palette

18 Oct 2016

When I placed my huge Beauty Joint order, I was looking for an inexpensive face palette with multiple shades that I could use as a blush, contouring, highlighting etc, and considering this palette was only $6.99, it was a great bargain.

I haven't purchased anything from Beauty Treats before nor I read any reviews on this brand but I decided to try this palette anyway. However, as this was an online order, I obviously did not had the chance to swatch all these shades but I was fascinated by these gorgeous shades and vibrant colours and the lovely packaging. I am a sucker for a cute and nice packaging.

This palette has
-a shimmer highligher
-a shimmer blush
-a matte blush
-a shimmer bronzer
-a matte bronzer

1 - this is the lightest shade and obviously a highlighter. Not very pigmented (it is almost invisible in the photo) and you need to swipe the brush a couple of times more than usual to get more product. But it looks so nice when applied on the cheeks.

2 - this is a matte pink shade which I don't think I will be using much, I cannot work with intense pink blushes but this shade looks gorgeous, it would look nice on a pale face. This shade is the most pigmented of all five.

3 - this is a light shimmery pink shade which I like a lot. Applies beautifully and looks like a highlighter with a little bit of colour.

4 - this shade is probably my favourite out of this bunch. It is a lovely warm brownish bronze colour. In fact, I love shades like this one, especially in summer since I always get a nice tan (and also all year around since we have a summer weather 8 months, so it is inevitable to be more tanned). 

5 - this shade is lightest than the one mentioned above and shimmery. It would be perfect to be used together with #4, these two make a nice pair and in summer, these two shades would give my skin a nice summery glow.

So I am really happy with this palette, I would definitely use all shades except the second one, too bright for me, but the rest of them are so nice and I will make a good use of them.

Have you tried anything from Beauty Treats before?

Creightons Bath & Shower Gel - A heavenly scented product

16 Oct 2016

There is a shop in my home town that sells all kinds of products from the UK. And let me tell you, this shop is godsend. Every time I go and visit my parents, I go and visit this shop as well and I am amazed by these wonderful products they have. 

I believe I talked about this before, here in my country we don't have many beauty shops or drugstores as they call them in other countries and we certaintly don't have all brands or the newest arrivals. 

So I always get excited to discover new brands I haven't tried before and Creightons is a new brand to me, girls in the UK please don't laugh at me if you have been using these products for the last five years haha, they are new to me so just pretend that they are new products ok?

Creightons is a cruelty-free company and these products are made in the UK.  Being cruelty-free is a huge bonus for the company and more appealing to their customers.  

Vanilla & Macadamia Cocoon Bath & Shower Gel - the label at the back says that this product is good enough to eat, and it actually is. So yummy and delicious! This gel smells like a dream! Vanilla is one of my favourite scents and this is absolutely amazing! This scent is more beautiful than the Body Shop vanilla scent and it smells sweeter than any other vanilla scent I tried in the past. This product was a nice surprise and a lovely one to keep in the bathroom.

Raspberry & Pomegranate Revive Bath & Shower Gel - this scent is also unbelievable. This one produces a nice pink gel from the bottle and honestly, I just could not stop smelling this from my hand, so nice. 

These products can also be used for a bubble bath. You run hot water and few drops of this creates a nice bubble bath and your bath smells heavenly. 

The consistency of these products is medium, I mean I love my shower gel to be thick and not runny, and this is runny but it lathers up quickly and produces a nice foam. And how lovely is the packaging!

I will definitely buy more of these for me and I will buy more to give to my friends for Christmas, this is a nice gift to give to a special friend and I would be delighted if someone gave me this as a present.

I purchased these for €2 each, which is a great price for 500ml.

Have you tried these bath & shower gels before?

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