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The perfect red lipstick for Christmas day

7 Dec 2016

Is there a girl out there that doesn't love a red lipstick for Christmas day? Dark or light red, matte or glossy, bright, bold, sheer red, it can be anything, as long as it is red.

I remember many years ago, I did like to wear red lipstick but I was embarrassed to do it. I thought it looked awkward on me but now, there is no day in December that I go without red lipstick. Day, night, afternoon, morning, I will be rocking red lips!

L'oreal Paris Ruby Opera 304 lipstick
Rich, thick and shiny, these are the best words to describe this lip product. It is a cherry red shade with a gloss finish and micro shimmers. Looks lovely on the lips and it is extremely moisturizing. Also, it smells amazing.

L'oreal Paris Hypnotic Red 403 lipstick
This is a pinkish sheer red shade with medium pigmentation, but it's quite bright and multiple swipes give enough colour. It is super soft and easy to apply on the lips and leaves a glossy finish. It would be perfect to wear on a daily basis  too since the colour is not bold but really pretty and easy to wear.

NYC Retro Red 308 lipstick
This is probably one of my favourite red shades I own. A true classic red shade that is very pigmented, one swipe gives enough colour to cover lips and leaves a nice shine on the lips but without overdoing it. 

L.A. Girl Matte Velvet lipstick in Relentless
I wrote a review on the matte velvet lipsticks by L.A. Girl on June (you can read my review here). This a beautiful bold red lipstick, very creamy and feels comfortable on the lips. I love to apply 3-4 coats of this one to make it darker than it already is and I have been wearing this lipstick a lot these days.

W7 Scarlet Fever lipstick
I purchased this one a month ago but forgot all about it and found it yesterday at the back of my desk. I didn't show love to this one but I will be wearing and honoring this lovely lipstick in the next days.  It is a bright blue toned red with a buttery formula, great pigmentation and the colour is vibrant and bold. It glides nicely on the lips and leaves a lovely vibrant red colour.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colour in Red Extreme
I talked about this fantastic lip product last month and it is truly love at first sight. I didn't have high hopes when I ordered this one since it was quite affordable but I like to try different textures and shades so I thought I would give this a try. And I loved it! The formula of this lipstick is creamy and it gives a rich and intense red colour. It feels quite comfortable and does not dry the lips at all. (review here)

W7 lipstick in Poppy
Last but not least, this gorgeous red shade by W7. This is a medium toned red that has the same creamy formula as the Scarlet Red from W7. This is probably my most worn lipstick in the last couple of months, I love how vibrant the colour is and I even wear it at the office.

What are your favourite red lipsticks? Give me some ideas!

Favourite blogs I read daily

5 Dec 2016

I have been blogging for a year now and I celebrated my blog's birthday a month ago. When I started blogging in November 2015, I didn't know how amazing this community is and how supportive all other bloggers are. When I receive a lovely comment on a post or positive feedback, it means everything. It's like having a friend telling you he is there for you and will support you no matter what.

I have been reading beauty/lifestyle/fashion blogs long before I started my own blog and after that, I have added plenty of new blogs to my daily reading. Today I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite blogs I read daily. These girls are amazing, so make sure you check out their lovely content 

Mateja from Matejas Beauty Blog 

Alina from Beauty with Charm

Lindsey from Linsey Ginge

Nadia from Miel and Mint

Mili from Sharmtoaster

Whitney from Macarons & Mischief

Katie from Beauty from Katie

Sarah from What Sarah Writes

Hanna from Hanna Talks

Kay from Shoes and Glitter

Carol from Carol In A Page

Hannah from Floraful

Parie from Glass & Glitter

Lisa from Following Lisa

Siffat from Icing & Glitter

Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie

Trishna from Tips Capsule

Garbielle from A Glass Of Ice

Do you know these lovely ladies??? What are your favourite blogs you read daily?

I created a Blogs I   page a long time ago in order to have my favourite blogs in one place, you can visit the page here.

Hope you have a lovely week and I will see you soon!

12 things to do in December

3 Dec 2016

1✮ Get cozy, bring the blankets, make pop corn and watch Christmas movies.  
There is a great selection of Christmas movies to watch, a few favourites are:
Elf (2003 - Will Ferrell)
Santa Clause (1994 - Tim Allen)
Love Actually (2003)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993 - Musical)
Christmas Town (2008)
Four Christmases (2008)
The Holiday (2006)
The Polar Express (2004)

2✮ Find cookie recipes and experiment. 
My favorite recipes are
Martha Steward Chocolate Truffle cookies (recipe here)
Classic Chocolate cookies (recipe here)
Outrageous Chocolate cookies (recipe here)

3✮ Listen to Christmas Songs Mix
My favourite playlists include
Michael Buble Greatest Hits - The Best Songs Of Christmas
Blake Shelton - Cheers It's Christmas
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra Christmas Hits
New York Jazz Lounge Merry Christmas

4✮ Decorate your Christmas tree and your house. Play some christmas music and make your house festive.

5✮ Make Christmas crafts (two lovely ideas I posted earlier on my blog is The Bauble Wreath and the Door Christmas Decoration). You can also make ornaments for your tree, using pine cones or paper.

6✮ Go outside and play with the snow! Build a snowman, build a snow angel and take lots of pictures with your family and friends!!! And at the end, play snowball fight!!!

7✮ Get in the car or walk around your neighborhood to see the christmas decoration and lights! I love doing this with my god-daughter and her sister, they love walking to the village and seeing the christmas lights!

8✮ Go ice-skating! What can be more fun than ice-skating?

9✮ Make handmade cards, write your wishes and send them to friends and family. I used to do this many years ago but I stopped (don't know why) but I love this tradition. I also used to collect all the christmas cards that others sent to us!

10✮ Choose toys with your kids that are no longer using or loving and give them to a family that doesn't have the opportunity to buy new toys for their children. They would be delighted and kids will be so happy!

11✮ It's Harry Potter time!!! On December, we always watch (re-watch to be exact) all Harry Potter movies. The first one would always be my favourite!!

12✮ Make a Christmas pajama party or an indoors picnic! Wear your festive (or matching) pajamas, place a nice tablecloth on the floor and eat your lovely dinner in front of the tv!

Rosegal Wishlist for Winter

2 Dec 2016

Second day of December today and I am making my wishlists. And believe me, I have more than 10 wishlists to share haha! But I won't because it will be too much to share on this blog, since this isn't exclusively a fashion blog, but I will share one or two favorite wishlists instead.

Rosegal is a shop I co-operated in the past (see my summer post here) and I was very pleased with the clothes I received last summer. Rosegal has also a great collection of home items and I found myself browsing the Christmas home decoration for hours, but unfortunately, since it will make a month for the items to arrive, they will arrive after Christmas. But I am definitely ordering some ornaments for next year!

Floral and embroidered clothes and shoes are so trendy right now. These floral boots are everything! They can transform any black dull outfit instantly! I also love this army green embroidered floral jacket and this little pompom handbag, how cute this bag is?

I plan to wear this camel scoop top and this grey cardigan with a nice pair of black leggings or faux leather trousers that I purchased last year but still haven't got to wear them. Also, this grey knit dress will keep me warm on days where the temperature drops below 10°C paired with this khaki suede jacket!

Have you started making your lists or your Christmas shopping yet?? 

The Christmas Tag

1 Dec 2016

I know it's a little early for a Christmas Tag and all that jazz (then again, is it really early, I mean Christmas is less than a month) but I am so excited that so this post is just perfect for today, the first day of December!

I thought it will be fun to do a Christmas Tag post, I love these posts but I haven't done one for Christmas so here it is. Feel free to tag yourself and do one as well!

1) What is your favourite Christmas movie?
It is really difficult to choose one, there are so many favorites but if I have to choose one it would be Elf! I love this movie so much, I would watch it every week. Other favorites include The Santa Clause, The Polar Express and of course, Home Alone

2) Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We had the tradition of opening our presents in the morning of Christmas day since we were kids. I remember how excited me and my brother were when we were little, we would woke up, head to the living room with our pj's and find our presents underneath the Christmas tree.

3) What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Putting the Christmas decoration and decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs. 

4) Favorite festive food?
Turkey and roast potatoes. And chocolate. And chocolate cake. And hot chocolate!!!

5) Favorite Christmas scent?
Orange and cinnamon. I love these two scents together and they always remind me of Christmas.

6) Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Nothing special, watch Christmas movies, play games, eat a lovely dinner and drink liqueur like Baileys or Tia Maria.

7) What tops your tree?
Every wear, I buy a new shiny glittery star to put on top of the tree, this year it is a beautiful silver star.

8) As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don't think there is one thing I asked and didn't receive, my parents always made sure they would get us what we wanted (someone was good throughout the year haha!).

9) What is the best part about Christmas for you?
Spending time with my family and friends, play games, watch Christmas movies and of course, eating!!!

Feel free to tag yourself and do this tag, I would love to read your answers! I hope you have a lovely day! 

Preparing for my wedding - Collaboration with Modabridal

30 Nov 2016

I don't think I mentioned this before on my blog or social media, but I am getting married in 2018! Yayyy!!! We booked our venue at the beginning of summer and I know it is early to start planning anything, I mean, I have two years ahead to plan, but I have been browsing every single bridal shop I come across and I cannot wait to choose my dress!!! A girl's dream is to have a fairy tale wedding and wear the most beautiful dress, and I am no exception! I want my dress to be elegant, romantic and simple. 

When Modabridal made contact with me, I was super excited since I love to discover new companies that give you the option to customize your wedding dress, and I found myself browsing their website for hours and looking at their gorgeous dresses! 

Today, I have some dresses I would consider wearing for this special day and I chose five which I really love! All dresses are tailor made, you can choose your size and exact measurements, colour and material. So many options! As you can see from my selections below, I love lace, I think that lace gives a romantic touch to the dress and I would love to see myself wearing a white lace dress.

Our wedding will be in October and I definitely need a summer wedding dress, here in Cyprus the weather is still hot and sunny in October and I am glad about this, because I will have so many options to choose from the range of beach wedding dresses.

Backless v-neck lace wedding dress

Hourglass trumpet/mermaid lace dress

Lace zipper up wedding dress

Trumpet/mermaid glamorous wedding dress

Beaded modern scoop wedding dress

If you are getting married soon, please tell me below if you have started preparing for your special day and any tips or companies I should look for.  If you are already married, what dress did you choose for your special day? Did you find it hard to choose one or was it easy for you?

I will be doing some wedding-related posts in the future, maybe in the middle of next year. Hope you found this post helpful and I will see you soon! 

*This post is in collaboration with Modabridal.

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